The Silva Way

The Silva Way

Who are our customers?

The Silva Global portfolio extends across the Construction, Mining and Infrastructure sectors. We work with companies who are in the market for the quickest and most efficient product solutions in the industry – no matter what gap needs to be filled, we always have the solution. 

Our expanding network of strong partnerships enables us to provide customers with top tier products that are at the forefront of the industry. For example, since partnering with Max Frank, we have introduced the Stremaform® System to our customers, a product that brings significant reduction in labour costs and saves time in formwork. 

What is the onboarding process for new customers?

1. Start initial contact to understand the customer’s pain points and overall needs.

2. Run thorough background research to develop a deeper knowledge of the customer, field, project and location.

3. Consult the customer on the specific products they currently use and where we can add value.

4. Start overlaying the project with the products and service that Silva can offer.

5. The opportunity to partner is identified with the ability to proceed quickly through the administration.

What can customers expect from Silva Global?

Building strong partnerships and putting the customer first is at the core of everything we do. We are committed to providing world class service at every touchpoint, with the goal to save time and costs where possible. 

Silva Global does not carry the barriers and delays you would expect from competing companies in this industry. Being an experienced lean team of seven, you are guaranteed the next level of quality service, from experts that are leading in this space. 

The communication from our team us consistent and reliable. Being a national company, we can meet face to face when required and are available through all communication channels. We are agile, solution-driven and super responsive to any challenge; ensuring you and your company that anything is achievable when you work with Silva Global.

From left to right: James Woods, Founder & Managing Director; Matthew Hunter, Engineering Manager; Raymond Lam, National Business Development Manager; Joanna Witcombe, Administration; Max Schweiger; Key Account Manager; Reylan Clarete, Operations and Martin Cunningham, Director of Construction Products. 

How do you connect with Silva Global?

Interested to learn more about who we are and what we do? Head over to the contact form today to leave your details and we will get in contact with you shortly.