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Silva Global understand that speed, quality and cost-effectiveness are essential to keeping construction programs on track.

A specialist systems supplier, we take a consultative engineering approach to finding the right products and optimised designs for your project, and can work with your engineers to rationalise construction joint design.

We bring deep understanding and expertise to the table, solving problems, lowering costs, saving time and adding value at every step.

Our product range covers reinforcement, formwork and sealing technologies, as well as spacers and both bonded and unbonded post-tensioning systems. 

We work closely with leading German supplier MAX FRANK and have a national distribution agreement to deliver products of exceptional quality and value to the Australian market, giving construction companies competitive options and strong technical solutions for their joints and formwork applications.

Our clients are supported locally by the Silva and MAX FRANK engineering teams along with engineering consultancies specialising in the related discipline, from concept design to completion.

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Shear force dowel Egcodorn® and Egcodubel Shear force transmission in expansion joints

Expansion joints are provided in concrete structures to decouple components and avoid stress cracks. Shear force dowels are used for the transmission of shear forces which occur in such joints.

There are three basic types, which are designed for different applications.

The Egcodorn® shear force dowel system offers predictability in planning and execution for high static loads.

Egcodorn® DND is the optimal solution where dynamic stresses are to be considered. e.g.

Egcodubel is the most economical product for structural connections.


  • Simplification of formwork and reinforcement work on expansion joints
  • Permanent corrosion protection through high quality materials
  • Combinations of ready-made Stremaform®formwork elements with the Egcodorn® shear force dowel system enable efficient, planned construction


General Product Information:



Applications /Instructions for use:

01_egcodorn DND shear force dowel for dynamic loads

02_egcodorn-WN:WQ shear force dowels for high static loads

03_egcodorn® DND shear force dowel for Mass-Spring-Systems

04_egcodubel for low and middle loads

Test Certificates/Approvals:




Technical Data Sheets:



Shear force dowel Egcodorn® for longitudinal and lateral movement

Shear force dowel Egcodorn® allows displacements in the direction of the longitudinal dowel axis.

If displacements occur both along and laterally to the dowel axis the laterally displaceable Egcodorn® must be used. This allows displacement in both directions, and should be used when transverse axial displacements occur. This Egcodorn® should also be used in the case of curved component edges or longer joint lengths.

For more economical solutions, material utilization can be optimized with the Egcodorn® modular system.

Shear Force dowel Egcodor® DND for joints subjected to dynamic loads

The Egcodorn® DND shear force dowel is used for dynamically stressed joints.

The main fields of application of the Egcodorn® DND include mass spring systems, crane tracks or multi-storey car parks.

  • Absorption of non-static loads
  • Allows longitudinal displacement
  • Made of stainless steel for maximum corrosion protection.
  • Time and cost advantages thanks to combination with Stremaform® formwork element.
Shear force dowel Egcodubel

For small and medium loads in expansion joints. Egcodubel for expansion joints is a system for transmission of shear forces in joints of plate-shaped components. The use of dowels is usually limited to secondary components (e.g. floor slabs).

Egcodubel can be used with sleeves for small loads or for structural component connection. Egcodubel is available without sleeves for dowelling work and dummy joints.

Stabox – Continuity Strip®

Rebend connection for absorption of shear forces

Stabox® reinforcement connections enable the force-locked connection of reinforced concrete components which are produced and concreted in a series of construction phases thanks to rational formwork systems. 

Based on the coordinated geometry according to Eurocode and National Annex, Stabox® standard and special connections meet the maximum requirement of an indented joint design. 

Continuity Strips are available with bar diameters of 8, 10 and 12 mm. The material input depends on each market’s respective national requirements.


  • Simplification of formwork on concrete working joints
  • No need to pierce the formwork
  • Customised individual Stabox®versions can be produced at short notice


General Product Information:

01_stabox-continuity-strip-BR-INTGB stabox-f-continuity-strip-coated-metal-water-stop-BR-INTGB



Applications /Instructions for use:


02_stabox-f-with coated metal waterstop - application examples

03_stabox-FB-with coated metal waterstop

04_stabox-FD-with coated metal waterstop

05_stabox-rebar connection system

06_stabox-SD-combined with injection hose Intec

07_stabox-SD-rebar connection system with Cresco Quellband

Technical Data Sheet:



Continuity Strip Stabox® - transverse indentation

Standard single and double row.

The main use of reinforcement boxes in construction requires a defined shear force transmission in most cases.

The prefabricated Stabox® standard reinforcement connection with roughened surface guarantees intensive anchoring with the concrete and meets the highest shear force requirements for an indented construction joint.

  • KOMO® product certificate
  • Highest load-bearing capacity thanks to profiled reinforcement box
Continuity Strip Stabox® - shear indentation

Special connection for high shear stress

The Stabox® special connection is used for very high shear stress in the joint direction. This shear stress can occur in wall or celling slabs, for example, by wind loads in the element direction.

The special trapezoidal form of the reinforcement box meets the highest requirement of an ‘indented’ working joint. 

  • Stabox® special connector with shear force indentation
  • Highest load-bearing capacity thanks to profiled reinforcement box
Continuity Strip Stabox® - joint seal with Fradiflex® metal water stop

For water-impermeable concrete structures, the Stabox® reinforcement connection with integrated, double-coated Fradiflex® metal water stop is an ideal solution for sealing working joints with continuous reinforcement.

  • Secure sealing of joints – confirmed by European Technical Assessment (ETA)
  • Reduced Framework expenditure – no need to penetrate formwork.
Continuity Strip Stabox® - custom version SD

For variable stirrup widths combinable with Intec® injection hose system

The Stabox® special SD double-edged reinforcement connection version can be used to seal working joints with continuous reinforcement.

For water-impermeable concrete structures, the special SD version can be combined with the Intec® injection hose system or Cresco® expanding waterstop. The Stabox ® expanding watershop. The Stabox® special SD version is recommended for stirrup widths greater than 23cm.

Continuity Strip Stabox® - special coating with sealing tape

The special coating of the Stabox® rebend connection with sealing tape on both sides offers additional security in the working joint seals, for example in the floor / wall area.

The special coating applied to both sides in the central box area guarantees optimum bonding between sheet metal and concrete, and thus prevents any possible lateral infiltration into either concreting section.

Shearail – Punching Shear Reinforcement

Established & certified prefabricated system for flat, piled and post-tensioned slabs

The weight of a concrete slab, supported directly onto a column, can result in concentrated localised shear stresses, causing the slab to ‘punch’ through the column below. Shearail® increases the shear resistance of a slab and safely transfers the shear load from the slab to the column.

Shearail® is EC2 and BS 8110 compliant, enabling site work to be carried out far more effectively and efficiently than traditional loose links. As a pre-fabricated system, Shearail® is designed to increase construction speed, improve build quality and reduce dependency on skilled labour – significantly reducing on-site costs.

Manufactured from approved materials under a certified Quality Management System, Shearail® provides engineers and contractors with the assurance that the material is from a traceable source and has been independently tested and verified for use in concrete floors in accordance with BS EN 1992-1-1 (EC2) and BS 8110 standards.



  • Established & proven system
  • Prefabricated – easy to position & fix
  • Design to Eurocode 2 (EC2) & BS 8110
  • Design support for complex design cases


General Product Information:



Formwork elements for controlled crack joints Stremaform® controlled crack formation in working joints

Stremaform® formwork element for controlled crack joints produces targeted cracks in the concrete which diminish stresses in the concrete components. The separation layer integrated in the formwork elements weakens the cross-section of the component and thus creates a kind of controlled crack joint. 

Formwork elements for controlled crack joints subdivide the component into individual building sections. The reinforcement is not interrupted by the element and can be continued into the second concreting section. 



  • We manufacture the formwork elements according to your specifications
  • We support you in your planning
  • You save time and make faster progress in your construction
  • No stripping or reworking necessary


General Product Information: 



Applications/Instructions for use:









Technical Data Sheets:



Formwork elements for controlled crack joints Stremaform® without sealing

Stremaform® formwork elements for controlled crack joints are the most efficient solution for introducing controlled cracks into floor slabs, ceilings and walls.

We manufacture project-specific elements to your geometrical requirements and deliver them ready for installation to your building site.

Formwork elements for controlled crack joints Stremaform® with coated metal water stop For high grade sealing of impermeable joints

If controlled crack joints for watertight concrete structures require additional sealing, the Stremaflex® formwork elements are produced with a coated Fradiflex® metal water stop.

This product combination is particularly suitable for sealing joints exposed to pressuriSed water in high-grade use buildings.  With its special coating, the metal water stop bonds perfectly with the fresh concrete and seals the controlled crack joint securely.

Formwork elements for controlled crack joints Stremaform® with rubber water bar cage for sealing of impermeable joints

We produce the Stremaform® formwork element with a rubber water bar cage which corresponds to the dimensions of the rubber water bar for use when sealing with a water stop. At the building site, the working rubber water bar needs only inserted into the prefabricated cage.

Pecafil – Permanent Formworks

Formwork for various areas of use

The Pecafil® formwork elements can be used universally for many purposes, above all as formwork for foundations and ribbed slabs, as well as sheeting for building pits. It is also suitable in the transparent version for weather, dust and protection screens.

The material is available in different thicknesses. Thanks to its light weight it is easy to lay by hand. The elements can be shortened and adapted on the building site using simple tools. Pre-configuration of the formwork system in our factory is also possible.

Pecafil® permanent formwork is environmentally friendly, groundwater-neutral and recyclable. 


  • Fast, simple laying of the formwork
  • No time or costs for demoulding, cleaning and returning the formwork
  • No need lifting equipment for processing
  • Release agent not necessary


General Production Information:



Applications/Instructions for use:







Best Practices:


Permanent formwork Pecafil® - foundation formwork

For strip foundations, sleeve foundations and edge formwork

Pecafil® permanent formwork is suitable for virtually every type of foundation formwork:

  • Strip foundation, free-standing or in the foundation soil, also available in reusable or insulated variant
  • Circular formwork for curved foundations
  • Box-out shutter
  • Pile cap formwork
  • Edge formwork of floor or ceiling slabs
Permanent formwork Pecafil® ribbed slab formwork as displacers for the reduction of material and slab weight

Displacers made a Pecafil® formwork elements are delivered to your building site pre-bent.  Suitable Pecafil® end caps for the formwork bodies can be supplied with the elements, or manufactured on site from wood.

The elements are laid on a continuous ceiling formwork.

Conical displacers clad with bubble wrap are used if the formwork is not to remain in the concrete. This makes manual demoulding simple and the elements can be reused several times.

Permanent formwork Pecafil® - foundation separation formwork

As a separation layer for bored piles and sheet pilings.

As a separation layer in foundation separation formwork, the Pecafil® material can withstand the concreting pressure even with great heights.

The advantages of Pecafil ® in foundation separation formwork are:

  • Large panel sizes
  • Fast processing
  • Non –absorbent surface
  • Groundwater-neutral material

Pecafil® is fastened using a stud gun or by welding to the substrate.

Weather protection screens – Pecafil® as temporary weather, dust and privacy protection screens

Due to delays in the construction process, or if winter sets in early, it can sometimes be necessary to seal buildings temporarily. Openings of any size and shape can be sealed with the stable, translucent Pecafil® weather protection material

Pecafil® weather protection material is also available with thermal insulation if desired.

CPF liner Zemdrain®

Improved concrete surface

The controlled permeability formwork (CPF) liner Zemdrain® drains the water from the edge concrete. This makes it harder, denser and more resistant, which significantly increases the service life of the concrete surface. 

Zemdrain® non-woven liner lends concrete the following properties:

Greater surface hardness

Blowhole-free, low-pore surface

Reduced growth of microorganisms and algae

Better freeze-de icing salt resistance

Increased abrasion resistance


  • Increased service life of the concrete surface
  • Value retention of the concrete surface
  • Proven cost savings over the total service life of the structure
  • No concrete release agent required

Zemdrain® is DuPont’s registered trademark.



General Product Information:



Applications/Instructions for use:







Technical Data Sheets:



CPF Liner Zemdrain® Classic for single use

The Zemdrain® Classic CPF liner is particularly suitable for formwork in large areas.

Zemdrain® Classic variant is a single use product.  For repeated use Zemdrain® MD is recommended.

CPF Liner Zemdrain® Classic – prefabricated for round container formwork

Zemdrain®  Classic prefabricated is a made-to-measure CPF Liner which is specially designed as formwork for round containers, e.g. drinking water tanks, clarification tanks and manure tanks.

Prefabrication ensures crease-free lining or circular formwork made of wood or steel.

CPF Liner Zemdrain® MD for multiple use

Zemdrain® MD delivers the same results as Zemdrain® Classic, but can be reused several times. Approximately two to three applications are possible thanks to the sturdy mesh on the formwork side.

Zemdrain® MD Is the most economical variant due to multiple reusability.


Fibre concrete spacers

Ensures concrete cover for high requirements 

Getting the right amount of concrete cover is essential for the durability of reinforced concrete structures. Fibre concrete spacers ensure correct concrete cover before and during concreting, and are characterised by high compressive strength and excellent chemical and physical resistance. A test report is available from Germany’s concrete association on request.

The spacers fulfil the requirements of all exposure classes, and all recipes used are tested by independent testing institutes with regard to the required properties. 


  • Compliance with AS/NZS 2425:2015 Bar chairs in reinforced concrete
  • Compliance with VicRoads Section 610 -Structural concrete, TMR MRTS70 - Concrete, TfNSW (RMS) QA Specification B80 -Concrete work for bridges
  • High density with low porosity
  • High load-bearing capacity
  • Same material properties as the structural concrete
  • Excellent bond with the structural concrete, no hairline cracks

KOMO certified according to the Dutch assessment guideline BRL2817 



General Product Information:


02_Fibre concrete and cast concrete spacers


Applications /Instructions for use:



Test Certificates/Approvals:

01_Max Frank Spacers Test Result Summary - Australia


Technical Data Sheets:





Fibre Concrete block spacers for precision load transfer

Fibre concrete block spacers have minimal contact with formwork and can be used for small components.

There are no heat/cold deformation and maintenance of concrete cover is guaranteed.  Choose from a wide range of spacers to find the optimum type for your application.

All MAX FRANK fibre concrete bar spacers meet the maximum fire resistance requirements.

Fibre concrete bar spacers for efficiency

High load-bearing capacity and resistance to heat and cold ensure absolute maintenance of concrete cover.  All bar spacers from a length of 33cm are provided with an interior reinforcement fibre for high protection against breakage.

Special Fibre concrete spacers for specialist requirements

Spacers often need to meet quality requirements and require special properties which are not covered by the standard spacer requirements.  MAX FRANK produces custom dimension and custom forms quickly and efficiently to your specification, so you can always have the correct spacer.

Cast concrete spacers

Ensuring concrete cover with high concrete surface requirements

Getting the right amount of concrete cover is essential for the durability of reinforced concrete structures. Cast concrete spacers are used to guarantee concrete cover for structures and components before and during concreting. A test report is available from Germany’s concrete association on request.


  • Compliance with AS/NZS 2425:2015 Bar chairs in reinforced concrete
  • Compliance with VicRoads Section 610 -Structural concrete, TMR MRTS70 - Concrete, TfNSW (RMS) QA Specification B80 -Concrete work for bridges
  • Cement-bound spacers, no heat/cold deformation
  • Absolute guarantee of concrete cover
  • Various attachment options for quick and easy use
  • Precise positioning
  • Homogeneous bond, no hairline cracks between spacer and concrete
  • Fire-resistant according to the maximum requirements of DIN 4102 - Class A1 (non-flammable)


Technical Data Sheets:



Cast Concrete Block Spacers for Vertical and horizontal components

Cast concrete block spacers with shuttlecock clip are particularly suitable for use in exposed concrete.  The combination with a high-quality plastic clip enables quick and easy fastening to the reinforcement.


Metal water stop for in-situ concrete Fradiflex®

Water stop in concrete working joints

All concrete structures for high-grade use must be sealed against soil moisture and pressing water (white tank).

The Fradiflex® metal water stop for fresh concrete meets the requirements of the guideline for watertight structures and provides a safe and economical joint seal. 

The barrier and adhesion seal with special coating forms a particularly strong bond with the fresh concrete and thus prevents water circulation (water penetration).

MAX FRANK produces the Fradiflex® metal water stop system for reinforced concrete construction in various designs for in-situ concrete and precast element construction.


  • Galvanised steel sheet with bitumen-free special coating guarantees sustainable sealing
  • Metal water stop with CE mark
  • Tested to 50 m head of water
  • Density self-adhesion of butt-joints, no welding necessary
  • Joint seal of all working joints without concrete upstand
  • Reduced assembly times thanks to integrated fixing angles
  • Fradiflex®on a roll saves time and guarantees safety


General Product Information:



Applications /Instructions for use:

01_fradiflex- metal water stop in-situ concrete – bottom plate : wall

02_fradiflex-metal water stop in-situ concrete : control joints

03_fradiflex-with Intec® – redundant cold joint waterproofing

04_Fradiflex® expansion joint connector with exterior pvc waterstop

05_fradiflex® expansion joint connector

06_Fradiflex® metal water stop in-situ concrete : twin wall – wall-sealing


Technical Data Sheets:





05_fradiflex-resistence table - metal -water-stop-stainless-steel

06_fradiflex-Technical data sheet metal waterstop Fradiflex resistance table

Metal water stop for in-situ concrete Fradiflex® Premium

With double-sided elastomer adhesive coating.

Fradiflex® Premium metal water stop with double-sided coating offers the strongest bond for fresh concrete.

The premium metal water stop element is also available in V4A, especially for chloride load (e.g. seawater) for optimal joint seal in reinforced concreate construction.

  • On the roll or as straight elements
  • With or without fixing angle
  • Also available in V4A (chloride load)
  • Accessories: Clamping and mounting bracket.
Metal water stop for insist concrete Fradiflex® - controlled crack joint element

With special coating for in-situ concrete joint

Controlled crack joint element in combination with Fradiflex® metal water stop forms an enclosed sealing system as required by German guidelines for watertight structures. Controlled crack joint elements achieve a plannable reduction in shrinkage cracks by reducing the concrete cross section.  Installation of a joint seal is a requirement for service class A.

  • Good inherent stability
  • Fast, easy installation – no welding, no holes
  • Spot fastening
  • Accessories: Clamp Strap



Post-tensioning products are an integral part of a structure’s performance in both the short and long term, and we are specialists in both bonded and unbonded post-tensioning systems.

At Silva Global our customers can rest assured our products are manufactured to the highest standards, in accordance with our drawings, specifications and strict production control – all within the framework of ISO 9001.


We strive for best in practice supply, and continually review our procedures and methodologies to see where and what can be improved.


At Silva Global we view the supply of post-tensioning consumables from the standpoint of a 'kit' rather than individual components.

The testing of the Silva Global PT Kit has set a new Australian benchmark by surpassing the requirements set in AS/NZS 1314-2003.


Silva Global PT Kits are also CARES approved, reflecting adherence to internationally recognised quality standards.


Our post-tensioning range consists of:

  • Anchors
  • Wedge Blocks
  • Wedges
  • Grout Tube
  • Ducting
  • Duct Tape
·       Configuration*Flat AnchorWedge BlockWedge DuctingGrout Tube
3 x 0.5" strandFA305-SIWB305-SISW05.2PN/AGT17.200W-SI
5 x 0.5" strandFA505-SIWB505-SISW05.2PFD70.GAL5GT21.100W-SI
5 x 0.6" strandFA506-SIWB506-SISW06.2PFD90.GAL5GT21.100W-SI


All Silva Global PT Kits are tested together and not individually, to the latest revision of AS/NZS 1314-2003.

In addition, consistent with the national rollout of the CARES PT scheme, we have incorporated increased levels of compliance to strict European codes, with our testing observed and passed by CARES’ specialist team to the new APT 001 standard.


This approach to quality reflects our aim of working alongside our customers and providing post-tensioning products at the pace their projects require. We can quickly integrate into supply chains and become part of the team, to seamlessly ensure supply arrives on time.


While our kits form the mainstay of our post-tensioning portfolio, we can also supply all other non-structural consumables.