S-QuOD – Silva Quality On Demand

S-QuOD – Silva Quality On Demand

Using the power of the cloud to help our customers

What is it?

S-QuOD is a system designed to make it much easier, simpler, and faster for our customers to verify the compliance of Silva Global products.

How does it work?

When a customer orders a Silva Global product an order number is generated which is then digitally attached to a unique and traceable QR code. This QR code, which is printed on all deliveries, is then linked in the S-QuOD system to a Certificate of Compliance for the relevant product.

The image above shows S-QuOD in action. Anticlockwise from top right: QR code on package label; QR code on Delivery Docket; Scanning of QR Code; Certificate of Compliance.

How does it help customers?

S-QuOD gives customers the following benefits:

  • Scannable QR codes allow immediate viewing and downloading of certificates
  • QR codes are on every delivery docket – the QR code and certificate is common to every product in the delivery but unique to each delivery
  • QR codes are on every package label – there are two labels on every package

S-QuOD provides customers with a Certificate of Compliance with every delivery. The certificate confirms the goods comply to our design and specifications. S-QuOD also lists the delivered products, their quantities, and their batch numbers for easy traceability. All this information is integrated within Silva Global’s quality management system and stored in the cloud.

This digital link makes it seamless for the customer to prove traceability to the stakeholder. This is vital because many of these products contribute to the structure of a wide variety of buildings, bridges, and even some underground mines.

S-QuOD supplies everything the customer needs to quickly prove the products are compliant.

S-QuOD in action

The image below is a demonstration of the first delivered batch of goods made using the S-QuOD system. As can be seen, a simple and swift scan of the traceable QR code links the customer to the relevant Certificate of Compliance for that delivery.

What used to happen before S-QuOD?

Up until now, certificates have only been sent to one person at the customer via email. This limited its accessibility and meant sometimes other people at the customer who needed to access the certificate couldn’t easily do so.

S-QuOD – an innovative and easier way to verify product Certificates of Compliance.

James Woods

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