What is an AS 1314 test certificate and are they all the same?

What is an AS 1314 test certificate and are they all the same?

We’re often asked for test certificates on our PT Kit and we’re happy to send them out. That’s because we design, manufacture and test our PT Kit to exceed the standard required by AS 1314 2003/2016. We also invest a great amount of time and money on our testing so it’s good to be able to share this with our customers and provide the reassurance that the Silva Kit is tested to an industry leading standard.

We also believe that not enough emphasis is placed on test certificates and that sometimes they’re not read or even fully understood and seen as something that just needs to be asked for then filed away.

Below are three things we believe you should think about when reviewing a certificate:

Does the certificate relate to the specific product you are going to buy?

  • A test certificate should 100% relate to the specific parts you are buying – it could be a similar, but not identical part. At Silva Global we test every system and every part. The test certificate we provide always relates to what you are buying and all mating components.

Does the product meet the standard?

  • The standard is quite clear on what constitutes a pass or fail, it’s also clear on method. A detailed review of the certificate should indicate what product and to what part of the standard it relates. For example, is it an anchor efficiency test or a gripping efficiency test certificate and does the method conform.

Did the testing meet the more exacting CARES UK standards?

  • At our latest testing session, we asked CARES Australia to be an independent witness. The CARES Australia APT01 scheme requirements are even more rigorous than those required by AS 1314 these standards are now being implemented across PTIA members. We did this to provide an additional level of rigour and to demonstrate our knowledge that our products are well-designed and manufactured. Lastly, our testing was as a complete system, not individual components.
Silva Global testing in action

At Silva Global, we’re proud of our testing. We used the harshest possible interpretation of the standards which means our PT Kits are a premium product and not just another widget. The major benefit of this extensive testing regime for our customers is reassurance and risk mitigation. In the event of an issue on site you can tick the box that the Silva Kit exceeds the Australian standard, lowering the risk of expensive remediation works at a later date in the event of a failure.

Contact Scott Tester on 0427 036 525 if you have any questions about our test reports or want to know more about how we conduct our testing.

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