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Silva Global is committed to providing construction products of the highest quality, with a range that are manufactured to ISO 9001 standards, ensuring strict adherence to our drawings and specifications.

We continually strive for improvement in our supply chain and product range, offering continuity strips, coupler boxes, punching shear reinforcement, cast-in ferrules, post-tensioning kits, and void formers.


Silva Global take a kit approach to post-tensioning consumables, which has set a new Australian benchmark in testing and is CARES approved.


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Silva Stud Anchor Insert (SSAI)



Silva Stud Anchor Insert (SSAI) is a cast-in-place concrete headed insert that accepts a ReidBar Starter Bar to form a connection between concrete pours in concrete structures. Predominately used in the connection between Concrete Core Walls and Concrete Floor Slabs.


The Silva Stud Anchor Insert is also used in the connection between the Precast Concrete Wall Panels and Concrete Floor Slabs.The Silva Stud Anchor Insert can be supplied in either a Galvanised Dimpled Metal Box Casing or, Reusable Rebate Board or, Plastic Nailing Plate for installation. After concrete pouring and stripping the formwork, the Starter Bar is simply hand screwed in until it is fully engaged into the Silva Stud Anchor Insert.


Silva Stud Anchor Insert system is a simpler alternative reinforcement continuity system to the Pull-Out Box where bars are straightened on-site prior to the final concrete pour or the cogged or hooked bar ends.


The Silva Stud Anchor Insert system minimises congestion of the reinforcement, safer due to the reduced risk of injury through manual straightening of the reinforcement bar, and has faster construction cycle times in high-rise buildings.


Silva Stud Anchor Inserts are available in diameters 12mm, 16mm, 20mm, 25mm, and 32mm.


Silva Punching Shear Reinforcement



Silva Punching Shear Reinforcement is a custom-made Australian manufactured concrete system which increases the punching shear resistance of a slab and safely transfers the shear load from the slab to the column.


Silva Punching Shear Reinforcement system saves on fixing time and enables easier on-site checking when compared to the loose shear reinforcement ligs that can be time-consuming and difficult to install.


The Silva Punching Shear Reinforcement significantly reduces onsite costs by increased construction speed and improves build quality by removing column head drop panels saving in building height.


Silva Punching Shear Reinforcement system consists of a double-headed stud welded to a non-structural steel flat rail that simply holds the studs in current position and is then positioned in the slab either from the bottom or top reinforcement layer around the column. The Studs are welded to the non-structural steel flat rail at the centre specified by the Structural Engineers design to ensure installation at the most effective position.


Cast-in ferrules



Silva are specialists in supply of stainless-steel ferrules for use in cast-in concrete applications – both from a standard range in diameters M10-M20 or to an exact project specification.

  • 316 Stainless steel ferrule in sizes M10-M20
  • High tensile and shear resistance
  • Assessed to AS3850.1:2015 Amd1:2019
  • Assessed for performance under fire conditions
  • Range of plugs/caps with pre-assembly service available
  • Available with or without cross bar hole
  • Suitable for use in cracked and uncracked concrete


Post-tensioning kit


Post-tensioning products are an integral part of a structure’s performance in both the short and long term, and we are specialists in both bonded and unbonded post-tensioning systems.


At Silva Global our customers can rest assured our products are manufactured to the highest standards, in accordance with our drawings, specifications and strict production control – all within the framework of ISO 9001.


We strive for best in practice supply, and continually review our procedures and methodologies to see where and what can be improved.


At Silva Global we view the supply of post-tensioning consumables from the standpoint of a 'kit' rather than individual components.


The testing of the Silva Global PT Kit has set a new Australian benchmark by surpassing the requirements set in AS/NZS 1314-2003.


Silva Global PT Kits are also CARES approved, reflecting adherence to internationally recognised quality standards.


Our post-tensioning range consists of:

  • Anchors
  • Wedge Blocks
  • Wedges
  • Grout Tube
  • Ducting
  • Duct Tape



All Silva Global PT Kits are tested together and not individually, to the latest revision of AS/NZS 1314-2003.


In addition, consistent with the national rollout of the CARES PT scheme, we have incorporated increased levels of compliance to strict European codes, with our testing observed and passed by CARES’ specialist team to the new APT 001 standard.


This approach to quality reflects our aim of working alongside our customers and providing post-tensioning products at the pace their projects require. We can quickly integrate into supply chains and become part of the team, to seamlessly ensure supply arrives on time.


While our kits form the mainstay of our post-tensioning portfolio, we can also supply all other non-structural consumables.

Void former



In the preparation of ground slabs where the soil below is highly reactive, a common solution to prevent the potential for issues caused by these ‘expansive’ soils is to install a sacrificial or collapsible ‘void former’ between the ground and concrete, providing room for the soil to expand should it need to in the future.


Silva supplied bagged or unbagged void formers are available with thickness 50-200mm and have the ability to support the load of concrete during the pouring stage due to their fibre-based properties and will break down over time leaving a genuine void.


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