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Silva Global supplies the JORDAHL anchor channel, which was originally invented by Andres Jordahl in 1913.

This anchor channel comes in straight and curved profiles and is commonly used in building facade support applications and infrastructure projects.

At Silva Global, we collaborate with facade engineers and installers to achieve the most cost-effective and value-engineered designs.

Silva Global are pleased to supply the full JORDAHL Anchor channel range in Australia.


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JORDAHL® Anchor channel

The comprehensive range includes hot rolled and cold formed channels made from hot-dip galvanised steel or stainless steel (A4) materials, with standard, toothed and notched options available. Production of special profiles including curved anchor channels, anchor channel pairs and anchor channel corner-pieces can be made on request.



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European Technical Assessment: ETA-09-0338

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JORDAHL®EXPERT anchor channels JTA-CE supports you with reliable verification for anchoring in concrete. The application adapts the design to your individual fixing situation. Your input parameters are displayed in a clear 3D graphic. You can intuitively rotate, move or enlarge the view with the mouse.

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