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For over 50 years, Max Frank has been a trusted provider of concrete and reinforced concrete construction products, with a focus on longevity and sustainability.

Their innovative approaches to structural physics are reflected in their range of products, including shear load connectors, formwork technologies, concrete spacers, and reinforcement continuity strips.

Silva Global is proud to supply these high-quality Max Frank products.


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Shear load connectors



Expansion joints are provided in concrete structures to decouple components and avoid stress cracks. Shear force dowels are used for the transmission of shear forces which occur in such joints.

There are three basic types, which are designed for different applications.

The Egcodorn®shear force dowel system offers predictability in planning and execution for high static loads.

Egcodorn®DND is the optimal solution where dynamic stresses are to be considered.

Egcodubel is the most economical product for structural connections.


  • Simplification of formwork and reinforcement work on expansion joints
  • Permanent corrosion protection through high quality materials•
  • Combinations of ready-made Stremaform® formwork elements with the Egcodorn®shear force dowel system enable efficient, planned construction



02 MaxFrank_Egcodorn_May2022_Web

03 Max Frank Egcodorn-DND




The Max Frank Stremaform® sacrificial formwork system is a proprietary steel mesh formwork with expanded metal sandwiched between cross wires. When used as a formwork, it provides the same interlock as concrete aggregate so when used at a construction joint it provides arough surface and therefore eliminates the need to scabble the surface of the joint. As it is left in place there is also an advantage of not requiring the stripping process.

Common applications for Stremaform are:

  • Construction joints in standard slabs and walls, as well as more complex construction joints in deep slabs and beams.
  • Indents, waterstopand waterbar cage systems can be integrated into the Stremaform® panel.
  • Productivity and material saving can be achieved with the use of a perimeter of the Stremaform® formwork as column containment in lieu of puddle pouring.



04 Stremaform Formwork Elements

05 Stremaform-Instructions for use 

Concrete spacers



Getting the right amount of concrete cover is essential for the durability of reinforced concrete structures. Both cast concrete aspros' and extruded fibre concrete spacers ensure correct concrete cover before and during concreting and are characterised by high compressive strength and excellent chemical and physical resistance.

The spacers fulfil the requirements of all exposure classes, and all recipes used are tested by independent testing institutes with regard to the required properties.


  • Compliance withAS/NZS 2425:2015 Bar chairs in reinforced concrete
  • Compliance withVicRoadsSection 610 - Structural concrete,TMRMRTS70 -Concrete,TfNSW(RMS) QA Specification B80 - Concrete work for bridges
  • High density with low porosity
  • High load-bearing capacity•Same material properties as the structural concrete
  • Excellent bond with the structural concrete, no hairline cracks



17a Fibre concrete and cast concrete spacers

17b spacers-distance-tubes-sealing-cones-plugs-u-korb-BR-INTGB

Stabox® reinforcement



Stabox® reinforcement connections enable the force-locked connection of reinforced concrete components which are produced and concreted in a series of construction phases thanks to rational formwork systems.

Based on the coordinated geometry according to Eurocode and National Annex, Stabox® standard and special connections meet the maximum requirement of an indented joint design. Continuity Strips are available with bar diameter 12mm with 8 and 10mm also available on request.


  • Simplification of formwork on concrete working joints
  • No need to pierce the formwork
  • Customised individual Stabox®versions can be produced at short notice



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Permanent formwork Pecafil®



Pecafil® formwork elements can be used universally for many purposes, above all as formwork for foundations and ribbed slabs as well as sheeting for building pits. It is also suitable in the transparent version for weather, dust and protection screens. The material is available in different thicknesses. Thanks to its light weight it is easy to carry and install.

The units can be shortened and adapted on the building site using simple tools. Pecafil® can also be supplied as pre-formed sections. Pecafil® permanent formwork is environmentally friendly, groundwater-neutral and recyclable.



  • Fast and simple installation of the formwork
  • No time or costs for stripping, cleaning and returning the formwork•No need for lifting equipment
  • Release agent is not necessary



12 Pecafil-permanent-formwork-elements-BR-INTGB

13 Pecafil-site installation guidelines